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COSMICC project

Cosmicc(2016-2019) COMSICC – CmOs Solutions for Mid-board Integrated transceivers with breakthrough Connectivity ultra low Cost:

The COSMICC consortium gathers key industrial and research partners with world-leading positions in the fields of Silicon Photonics, CMOS electronics, Packaging, Optical transceivers and Data center player around a strong vision: mass commercialization of Silicon photonics based transceivers is possible starting in 2019 by enhancing the existing photonic integration platform of ST-Microelectronics. COSMICC will develop optical transceivers that will be packaged on-board. Combining CMOS electronics and Si-photonics with innovative-high-throughput fiber-attachment techniques, the developed solutions are scalable to meet the future data-transmission requirements in data-centers and Super computing systems. With performances improved by an order of magnitude as compared with current VCSELs transceivers, COSMICC developed technology will answer tremendous market needs with a target cost per bit that the traditional WDM transceivers cannot meet. The early setting up of a new value chain will enable exploitation of the developed technologies.

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