Group IV Photonics


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Mid-index waveguides


• Domínguez Bucio, ThaliaLacava, CosimoClementi, MarcoFaneca Ruedas, JoaquinSkandalos, IliasGalli, MatteoDebnath, KapilBaldycheva, AnnaPetropoulos, Periklis and Gardes, FredericSilicon nitride photonics for the near-infrared”, IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics. –paper


• Bucio TD, Khokhar AZ, Mashanovich GZ, Gardes FY. “N-rich silicon nitride angled MMI for coarse wavelength division (de) multiplexing in the O-band.” Optics letters. Mar 15;43(6):1251-4. –paper


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• Yang Chen, Thalia Domínguez Bucio, Ali Z. Khokhar, Mehdi Banakar, Katarzyna Grabska, Frederic Y. Gardes, Robert Halir, Íñigo Molina-Fernández, Pavel Cheben, and Jian-Jun He, “Experimental demonstration of an apodized-imaging chip-fiber grating coupler for Si3N4 waveguides,” Opt. Lett. 42, 3566-3569  – paper – More info

• Bucio TD, Khokhar AZ, Mashanovich GZ, Gardes FY. “Athermal silicon nitride angled MMI wavelength division (de) multiplexers for the near-infrared. “Optics express. ;25(22):27310-20. –paper – More info.

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• T. Domínguez Bucio, A. Z. Khokar, C. Lacava, S. Stankovic, G. Z. Mashanovich, P. Petropoulos and F. Y. Gardes, “Material and optical properties of low temperature NH3-free PECVD SiN layers for photonic applications,” Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, vol. 50, 025106, . – paper – More info

Reconfigurable Photonic Integrated Circuits


• De Paoli, GretaJantzen, Senta LisaDomínguez Bucio, ThaliaSkandalos, IliasHolmes, ChristopherSmith, Peter G.R.Milošević, Milan and Gardes, Frederic “Laser trimming of the operating wavelength of silicon nitride racetrack resonators” Photonics Research. paper

Faneca Ruedas, JoaquinDomínguez Bucio, ThaliaGardes, Frederic and Baldycheva, Anna (2020) O-band N-rich silicon nitride MZI based on GST. Applied Physics Letters. paper

Faneca J, Garcia-Cuevas Carrillo S, Gemo E, de Galarreta CR, Domínguez Bucio T, Gardes FY, Bhaskaran H, Pernice WHP, Wright CD, Baldycheva A. “Performance characteristics of phase-change integrated silicon nitride photonic devices in the O and C telecommunications bands”, Optical Materials Express. paper

Faneca J, Trimby L, Zeimpekis I, Delaney M, Hewak DW, Gardes FY, Wright CD, Baldycheva A. “On-chip sub-wavelength Bragg grating design based on novel low loss phase-change materials”, Optics Express. paper

• Saito, ShinichiTomita, IsaoSotto, Moise, Sala HenriDebnath, KapilByers, JamesAl-Attili, AbdelrahmanBurt, DanielHusain, Muhammad KArimoto, HideoIbukuro, KoutaCharlton, MartinThomson, DavidZhang, WeiweiChen, BigengGardes, FredericReed, Graham and Rutt, Harvey, “Si photonic waveguides with broken symmetries: applications to modulators and quantum simulations”, Japanese Journal of Applied Physics. paper


Faneca J, Hogan BT, Diez IR, Gardes FY, Baldycheva A. “Tuning silicon-rich nitride microring resonances with graphene capacitors for high-performance computing applications”, Optics Express. paper 

Integrated optical modulator


• Rutirawut, T., Talataisong, W. & Gardes, F. Y., “Designs of Silicon Nitride Slot Waveguide Modulators With Electro-Optic Polymer and the Effect of Induced Charges in Si-Substrate on Their Performance”. IEEE Photonics J. 13, 1–15. paper


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Integrated detector


• Littlejohns, C.G., Khokhar, A.Z., Thomson, D.J., Hu, Y.O.U.F.A.N.G., Basset, L., Reynolds, S.A., Mashanovich, G.Z., Reed, G.T. and Gardes, F.Y., “Ge-on-Si plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition for low-cost photodetectors.” IEEE Photonics Journal, 7(4), pp.1-8 –paper


• Littlejohns, C.G., Hu, Y., Gardes, F.Y., Thomson, D.J., Reynolds, S.A., Mashanovich, G.Z. and Reed, G.T., “50 Gb/s silicon photonics receiver with low insertion loss.” IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, 26(7), pp.714-717. –paper

Material epitaxy


• Littlejohns, C.G., Bucio, T.D., Nedeljkovic, M., Wang, H., Mashanovich, G.Z., Reed, G.T. and Gardes, F.Y., “Towards a fully functional integrated photonic-electronic platform via a single SiGe growth step. “Scientific reports, 6. – paper


• Littlejohns, C.G., Nedeljkovic, M., Mallinson, C.F., Watts, J.F., Mashanovich, G.Z., Reed, G.T. and Gardes, F.Y., “Next generation device grade silicon-germanium on insulator.” Scientific reports5. – paper


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