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Funded projects (Industry, EU, EPSRC-uk)

Current projects

(2020-2022) PlasmoniAC – Horizon 2020 –Work Programme 2018-2020 – Information and Communication Technologies: Unconventional Nanoelectronics

(2020-2022) CORNERSTONE 2: Capability for OptoelectRoNics, mEtamateRialS, nanoTechnOlogy aNd sEnsing

(2020-2023) Silicon-rich silicon nitride Nonlinear Integrated Photonic ciRcuits & Systems (juNIPeRS)

(2020-2025) QUantum Dot On Silicon systems for communications, information processing and sensing (QUDOS)

(2016-2022) A Prosperity Partnership – Rockley Photonics and the University of Southampton

(2016-2021) Electronic-Photonic Convergence: A Platform Grant 

Past projects

(2016-2019) COMSICC – CmOs Solutions for Mid-board Integrated transceivers with breakthrough Connectivity ultra low Cost (More Info)

(2015-2017) Industry contract aimed at the development of modulator devices 

(2014-2019) Cornerstone: Capability for OptoelectRoNics, mEtamateRialS, nanoTechnOlogy aNd sEnsing (More Info)

(2014-2017) Migration: Mid-Infrared GeRmAnium phoTonIcs fOr seNsing 

(2013-2015) HERMES: High dEnsity Silicon GeRManium intEgrated photonicS (More Info)



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